Sunday, February 18, 2007

Finding The Teacher Within

Be still and listen… quiet the mind… breathe deeply and tune in to your own beautiful and powerful healing life force.

Lady Guru was born of the desire to meld art and mindfulness. I believe there lives a Guru in ALL of us. My passion is to reach out with positive affirmations that I, myself, live and breathe by. Life is hectic, filled with distractions and commercialism that pull us away from our own inner truth and wisdom. We forget to honor the “Guru”, that innate teacher, in us all. Lady Guru is a small reminder that there is “more” within, and that “more” is there for the taking, all we have to do is remember.

WELCOME to the premiere of Lady Guru :: Developing A Translucent Business. My hope is that, here, a group of like minded individuals will each play an integral role in the shape and development of the Lady Guru Mission: To inspire people to find compassion, acceptance and peace within themselves and others and to support various organizations around the world that are contributing to the healing of our planet and people.

Lady Guru will fulfill her mission through the artistic means of inspirational quotes and artwork. The execution of this vision will encompass an organized and strategic business development plan beginning with a specific line of environmentally correct products.

What I hope to gain and offer here is a venue to brainstorm and share information that will aid in the growth of a viable business that contributes to a growing market while setting up a business model that supports a higher global consciousness.

Perhaps like many of you, I haven’t always been good at asking for help. But, as I have learned to step away from my ego and fears long enough, I have seen the benefit of bringing strong minds together and the strong outcomes that can result. Along this journey of waking up I have been fortunate to encounter the hearts and minds of many brilliant people who have also been waking up. I am inviting all who have been so supportive, into my life and dreams - asking for your help and drawing upon your wisdom, and at the same time, offering the opportunity to share your knowledge and help others through the means of this expanding global village.

I believe by banding together in support, we CAN change the world and better the future for Earth and Humanity.

Karen Heil