Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Adjust Your Thermostat

Shift perspective… and suddenly your world is transformed!

Just recently we had the opportunity to, yet again, submerge and soak in the mineral laden waters of Wilber Hot Springs, high up in the hills of Williams, CA. Nothin’ but good things up in them thar waters - ahh, I love the smell of sulfer in the morning! But, seriously, there IS healing in those hills that spout the bubbling brew that’s mixing and mingling beneath the earth’s surface. Spewing forth its heated prescription of a remedy for whatever ails you, the waters of Wilber envelope you like the womb you were born from, and you begin to experience the dissolution of your own dis-ease as though it’s rising and evaporating from the very steam that dissipates in the air around you.

Late one night upon emerging from a long, languid soak, I wasn’t quite ready to go inside. The moon and the stars were so bright and the cold breeze that was blowing before I entered the waters was now warm and comforting. I laid my body down on a bench on the deck, flat on my back so to see the sky. All was quiet and the gentle wind blew around me and up into the trees, rustling the dry leaves making a soothing sound. It occurred to me how comfortable I was in the 35 degrees, cloaked in only a light, terry cloth robe. When I came out earlier, I was freezing! Funny, I thought, how by changing my internal temperature automatically changes the external temperature of my environment. Granted, it was still 35 degrees, but my relationship to that same 35 degrees had changed. I was no longer cold and put off by the discomfort. I was now relaxed and enjoying the experience with a completely different perspective.

So, herein lies yet another validation: simply by adjusting our core temperature (or temperament), we CAN transform the appearance of our external environment and thereby, our response to it. By relaxing into our true nature - that of peace, kindness and compassion, our experiences in the world can become more palatable, less threatening and more gratifying!

Soak it up!