Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthing A Dream

Imagine... and suddenly anything is possible. Realize your dreams!

Creation Creating, this is who we are. This is WHAT we are. Every creation begins with a thought and every thought is born from purusha, the deeper, divine self that resides within us all. This movement of thought turned to action is the creative process manifest, and from this, like the powerful, exploding cumulus clouds billowing from vapor into form, our world exists. This is the golden thread that connects us all. This is the eternal unfolding.

Our dream of building a sanctuary in Costa Rica has been unfolding for quite a while. We finally sold our house where we had lived for 15 wonderful and cozy years, and now we are very close to purchasing land. As we are getting into the nitty-gritty and logistics of buying land in Costa Rica, an adventure in and of itself, I have been finding it my meditation to surrender to the process while staying strong in my, space – the Buddhists call it the middle way, or for you yoginis out there, sthirasukha: maintaining ease within a steady and alert state. A challenge, indeed! But this morning, as I was finishing my sadhana, I found the (ok, maybe not-so-original) metaphor that helps me stay the course: I feel pregnant with possibility! I am holding this seed of a long-time dream close at my tan tien, like an expectant mother, falling in love with her not-yet-born baby. My heart swells with the idea of being able to build a truly sacred space where people can come to find… well, whatever it is THEY are searching for. And, along this journey, I will embrace the challenges and hold fast the love for this seed. Even when I feel the heaviness of the overwhelming load of challenges and responsibility, I will bring gratitude for it all because every single moment means the seed is growing within a healthy spiritual and emotional environment. The power of this intention will carry forth the very energy that will ultimately sustain the dream in it’s fruition!

By bringing love, compassion and patience into everything we do, every idea we have, every creation we intend – even if in the end if things don’t look as we imagine (and they probably won’t!) – we might succeed in manifesting a healthier world… Keep the dream alive!