Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Teasing With the Lady

Extend... and suddenly you've gone beyond the unreachable!

Sat nam, my friends. I just thought I would post a note letting you all know the current activity for Lady Guru. I am working on a set of business cards - 4 versions. Each has a posture and affirmation on one side, the other side has a small banner of about 6 postures and the URL. (Do you think I should include the blog address, too?) My aim is to recruit several friends to help me spread her around (she's not "loose" mind you, but she can be a "tease"!) to reach people with her message, arouse curiosity and direct people to the site... a very grass-roots level of marketing.

I would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Also, do get in touch if you are interested in leaving some Lady Guru teaser cards around: waiting rooms, dressing rooms, restaurants, etc. or anyplace else you might feel appropriate.

I look forward to hearing from you. I DO value your insight!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Believe... and suddenly anything is attainable.

"...take steps towards your desire and allow the Universe to manifest it into your physical experiential reality in ways The Universe will take care of."

greetings all. it's been a little while as i've been busy with work work, you know, the thing that helps keep the dream alive (and a roof over your head)? it's all good, just a little challenging finding the balance.

i found the above quote this morning while pondering something a friend had said about manifesting the life she desires. one of the laws of manifesting is to know that what you desire already exists. now. we tend to think of time in linear terms but i don't believe the Universe works this way. it's so easy for us humans to see what we don't have or what we want, therefore, usually leaving us in a state of lack vs abundance. but, if we can find a way to reside in a calm state of "being" vs "doing", our actions towards our desire comes from a place of trust (in having) rather than a place of anxiety (over NOT having). this energy is where manifesting really kicks in. set a course for your direction, but be prepared to tack and jibe as the wind will change and the tides will turn - trust the Universe will guide us on our journeys in getting exactly what we want.

Lady Guru, here we come! i'm not sure exactly how or when, but i'm stepping down the path alongside your stick-figure frame and i'm enjoying every mysterious minute. thank you for walking with me!