Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Into Fall

Slow down… and suddenly you are catching up with your Self.

The Autumnal Equinox has officially arrived. September 23, 9:51 a.m. marks the day and time for this 2007th Gregorian calendar year. The word "equinox" was derived from a Latin term that simply means "equal night" – better translated as "night being of the same length as day". Astrologically speaking, this equinox arrives into the house of Libra, which is illustrated by a scale representing the balance of light and dark. It is said the balance and alignment energies that come with the Fall Equinox make it a great time to manifest, meditate, pray. By focusing our attention on what we truly want, we can begin to create the appropriate environment to make it so.

Fall, for me, has always been the time of year to gear down, go inside, nurture myself with hearty foods and generally, slow down. The socks and sweaters and comforters come out of storage and I’m gladly wrapping myself up in the coziness they offer. It also comes as a natural time of reflection, going inward. We are all aware of the animals that go into hibernation for the winter. We can watch as the squirrels, just outside our own windows, gather their nuts, stocking up for the long winter months to come. But, for a lot of us, fall can bring a bustling time of the start of another school year, vacations are over and people are back to work, ramping up that next project or starting on next year’s forecast. Unfortunately, once again through the pressures of our culture, we are pulled away from our natural rhythm. It’s important for us to recognize our need for balance to keep us working optimally during this transitional season - to honor that natural pull of the earth that helps to quiet us down.

So during your busy days this season, try to take a moment or three to fall into fall, go within and connect with that energy. Remember that you, too, are a part of the whole system and that the seeds you are planting are, indeed, coming to fruition.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dropping the Drama

Unwind… and suddenly you are untangling the web you’ve been weaving.

“Life’s a stage and we’re all mere players, I’ve always heard them say. But, I’ve lost my lines and can’t adlib, so must I ‘act’ today?”

Have you ever truly listened to that running dialogue in your head? You know, those streams of random thoughts unleashed, left to run wild in the streets of your imperial kingdom where all the town’s people are ablaze with intelligence and truth, adorned in riches beyond your dreams… and no one is ever wrong? Or could it be that you govern the law of your land that all residents are made fools and every one of them skulk amidst the long shadows of the day, hoping to go unnoticed.

Either way, the stage is set for the endless Shakespearean epic to unfold. Ego is the writer, director, actor, audience and star of it’s own production. It is ego that demands to call the shots for the ongoing theme - and it all comes down to keeping the audience satisfied. Because the one thing we all, as story-makers know is, excitement, anxiety, worry, doubt, vanity, arrogance and pride are the upside to boredom. What we don’t realize is the drama we create can lead to health issues, failed relationships, career pitfalls, addictions, and emotional and financial bankruptcies

It may not always be easy to control the crew that’s working on our movie, but stepping out for an intermission now and again can help us drop the drama and take us momentarily out of the story that may be pushing us too far to the edge of our seats – and, perhaps, remind us that there’s always time for some popcorn and twizzlers.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Giant Leap

Dream… and suddenly you are awakening to a new reality.

Back in the year 2000, I, along with five other women banded together to start a small support group for each other as we embarked on our prospective, entrepreneurial journeys. We even gave our group a name: MentorsMeet. Our meetings took place once a month on a Wednesday evening at one of our homes. The structure was set up where each of us had 20 minutes to talk about our business issue or concern, then 15 minutes for the round-table feedback. Organized, productive and always good food!

I don’t think any one of us in the group could have predicted the paths to come for each of us. Who would have thought, collectively, after seven plus years, with eight children born, two home relocations, two business relocations, one really hard break-up, two affairs, several years of therapy, breast cancer, the birth of a non-profit… to name but a few… that we would still be gathering together, let alone, still in touch at all. We have shed countless tears, shared barrels of laughter and counseled each other through dark times. We have become family, we are sisters.

As a girl, I always gravitated towards boys for friends. I gave myself over to my masculine side, on some level believing that is where the strength in the world resides. What I have since come to know deeply in my heart of hearts, is that the power of the feminine connection is profound. We possess the capacity to help heal, not only ourselves and others, but the planet - Mother Earth, Pachamama – and she so needs us now. It is my hope, my desire, my longing for Lady Guru to inspire that capacity in women, to find that strength and courage along with the softness and compassion, that can help be a catalyst for change in the world, towards peace in the world - One small step for Lady; one giant leap for Lady Gurus.

Peace Sisters.