Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Releasing the Negative Charge

Unplug... and suddenly you are feeling the voltage!

Imagine the amount of unproductive energy we receive everyday simply from the beliefs we carry within us - the thoughts and ideas that we feed and that in turn, feed us. Beliefs and ideas, mind you, that keep us from accomplishing our greatest desires, or from embracing our own special gifts. Everyone of us possess certain belief patterns that have been ingrained in us from an early age by our family, community or culture that literally keep us, as adults, from becoming our most whole and highest selves. These beliefs go so deep, that most of us are completely unaware of them because we want to follow the rules. But do we ever stop to question if those rules might no longer apply? Think of all those ideas or beliefs that bring you nothing but grief, and then imagine how free you would be if you could disengage from those beliefs so they no longer had a hold on you. These beliefs are where we plug into our reality. If we are plugged into the idea: "The only way I can make a living and survive comfortably, is to keep working at this job I hate." or "I'll be able to take that dance class when the kids are out of school because they need me now." we make this our reality. Not right or wrong or good or bad, but the idea is to consciously understand that we are "choosing" that reality. For someone else the scenario could be "This job really stinks and I'm setting my intention to find another, better job - no matter what - or I'll learn to live with less." or "I'll figure out a way to learn how to dance, even if it means I buy a DVD and get up an hour earlier." What is it that sets us apart from one another in these ways? What is it that makes one person more successful, more healthy, more happy than another? Is it money? Beauty? Wisdom? Cultural background? Of course any and all of these things can play into it, but ultimately it is about what we believe; about how we see ourselves, our family, our community, our world and how we believe our family, our community our world sees us. So, by unplugging from those beliefs that no longer resonate for us, and connecting with our deeper potential, we can step up our energetic voltage and begin to follow our path towards truth and contentment and begin to live more empowered and more satisfying lives - particularly in these changing times.

Sat Nam!