Friday, December 4, 2009

When The Fog Lifts

Face it... and suddenly you are meeting the authentic you.

The other night I awoke to the nearly full moon, brightly shining down upon me through the high windows in our bedroom, like a spot light - I was “on”. So, I allowed La Luna to bathe me in her luminescence as I followed the sensations into my body, which led me to explore some thoughts about identity. Suddenly, facebook came to mind. The name alone opens up a whole new vista for reflection on the subject of the Self. This captivating, global venue where it seems everyone is coming together, appears to be storming the world wide web to extreme proportions. I, too, have an account and visit the site intermittently and each time I do, I can’t help but be drawn into this open-door community. I am driven to share what is going on in my life and I want to learn more about the other “faces” as I peruse their profiles and photo albums, getting glimpses into otherwise unknown territory. And then I think about identity and facebook and can’t help but see the paradox: each one of us a singular entity (or so it appears) steering our “vehicles” this way and that, donning fashion and hairstyles, cars and homes, jobs and friends, ideas and beliefs – announcing it all at this collective domain, where here, it seems we all begin to melt into one - the virtual matrix of the collective unconscious manifest? A big nut to swallow, yes, but as we are led to come together in this time of great global and cosmic transition, will it be the internet that is ultimately the vehicle that teaches us that we are truly all one? Perhaps - or is this virtual collective identity our mere cinema verité projected onto a misty backdrop? And if so, when the fog lifts, will we still know who we are? I suppose only time will tell, as it always does. In the meantime, I pose the question for pondering… who are you? Truly

Sat Nam (truth is my/our identity), my friends!